Process For Evaluating Baby Names

Baby Naming Charts are a "Twist" Different From Any Other Baby Naming Resources on the Market Today 



With well over seventy-five years of combined expertise as Chaldean Master Chaldean Decoders, we have developed a sophisticated, state-of-the art computer program that gives us the tools to virtually strip a name down to its core, analyze the components, and then "read" the name back in such a way (based on ancient mathematical formulas) that allows parents to know what their baby's three "core" characteristics and eight life lessons are.


Simply put, we have reverse engineered converting the letters of a name into assigned numbers and applying mathematical formulas, turning the name into a partial, personalized blueprint as a result of the secrets that lay hidden within a name or name and birthdate when calculated together, once the baby is born.


To "evaluate" a name prior to birth without a birthdate, we can only provide a partial blueprint without the birthdate. After your infant is born, we highly recommend that parents order their baby's full blueprint or character analysis, a roadmap to give parents more insight into their child's behavior patterns so they can influence their child in a more positive way during the most important stages of their child's life--growing up.



Baby Naming: How the Process Works   


Prior to Birth 

Prior to birth, we are able to determine what the three "core" characteristics and life lessons are that the name reveals as listed below: 

  • Soul Emotional Desire
  • Personality
  • Purpose
  • Life Lessons (8)


After Birth Prior to Birth

After birth, the full blueprint can be generated (name + birthdate) that includes the following components combined:

  • Soul Emotional Desire
  • Personality
  • Purpose
  • Life Lessons (8)
  • Destiny/Intellect
  • Mid-Life Goal
  • Personal Year
  • Emotional Development
  • Physical Development
  • Opportunities


What the Baby Name and Birth Reveal


The blueprint is split between what the name and birthdate reveal. No other elements are factored into the calculation. The name reveals the child's personal characteristics, traits and behavior patterns while the birthdate is permanent and reveals his or her intellect and development areas.


Parents have no idea just how the naming convention affects their child's entire life. Selecting names based upon how they sound is like playing pin-the-tail on the donkey--blindfolded. It's often years before you will see the full influence of the name you have picked for your child. 


Baby Naming: The Sole Responsibility of Parents or Guardian


Choosing the name of the baby should be the sole responsibility of the parents or guardian and no one else; therefore, we do not suggest names. We will however, "evaluate" each name given to us and do a comparative analysis on what each name calculates to be, working with different spellings of a name to develop the name that will resonate gest with the parents.  


We cannot overstate how important picking the right name is for your baby's future. Parents have the unique opportunity to consciously influence their baby's entire life by choosing a well-balanced name (a mix of aggressive and nonaggressive characteristics). 


Baby Names Reveal Characteristic Behavior Patterns 


There are a total of 51 behavior pattern possibilities (personal characteristics) noting that when you choose a name, you choose "three" out of the 51 characteristics, so you need to know which three you are choosing and whether or not they are compatible frequencies. 


The truth about baby naming still remains a secret for the most part. The blueprint or character analysis that can be generated from the baby's name by itself (or name and birthdate combined after birth) will give parents more insight into their child's behavioral patterns.


This insight will influence your child in a more positive way during the most important stages of their life as they are growing up. After all, your child will have to live with that name for a very long time. 


A Scientific Approach to

 Naming Your Baby

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