Pricing Prior to Birth - Pricing for Baby Naming is Based Upon Number of Baby Names to be Evaluated  


 Standard Pricing for 3 Baby Names

 More Than 3 Baby Names Evaluated is Considered to be a Custom Order.


All Products are Electronically Delivered (Charts + Audio)


Extracting the Hidden Code Within Each Baby Name 

Researching each name will give you a good idea as to whether or not you will want to analyze more names before finalizing that favorite name in addition to understanding the implications of your name choices. BabyName4U is able to decode, decipher and extract the secret code that lies hidden within each name so you will know precisely what the exact effects are that your child will be born with based on the birthname chosen. The naming convention then influences the vibrational patterns assigned to the baby’s name and plays a vital role in directing and influencing your child’s purpose and mission in life. Numerology applies numbers to names that determine the experiences drawn to that human being coming into the world bearing a particular name. 


Comparative Baby Name Analysis   

The comparative name analysis generated through BabyName4U will provide you with the exact characteristics assigned to each name, whether those characteristics are considered to be aggressive or nonaggressive characteristics, and what the specific behavorial patterns are that each represents along with the eight Life Lessons that are calculated from the name. This information will allow you to “analyze” each name prior to picking your favorite name. A reading/consultation is included in order for you to fully understand the magnitude of what the naming convention involves.


See Sample Tables 2 & 3 Below or Baby Name Analysis Template

for More Information.


Table 2. Comparative Name Analysis

Baby Name Sample Evaluation Chart (For Demonstration Purposes Only)
Based on the number of baby names you would like evaluated, this template is customized to your specific requirements.
Baby Name Analysis Template.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [178.8 KB]

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A Scientific Approach to

 Naming Your Baby

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