Baby Naming Charts and Reports for Newborns and Children

Baby Name: A Gift of a Lifetime


BabyName4U offers parents a way to thoroughly evaluate and understand what the gift of a lifetime is they are bestowing on their child--the name given at birth--and how that decision will impact their child's entire life.


The baby's blueprint won't seem to matter too much while your baby is an infant but having this information at your fingertips will. Thoroughly understanding how your child is wired from the "inside-out" will enable you to zero in on how to utilize your child's natural tendencies to ensure positive development throughout his or he life.


Baby Name Blueprint or Character Analysis 


The blueprint or character analysis that can be gleaned from the name by itself (prior to birth) or name and birthdate combined (after birth) will give parents more insight into their child's behavior patterns. This insight will empower parents to better guide their child with more exact clarity, insight and understanding into the areas where they can help their child the most because they will be ahead of the game with the knowledge presented to them.


Ancient Scholars Left Us a Magical and Powerful Mathematical Formula Used to "Decode" the Alphabet    


Using a powerful mathematical formula to decipher and extract the code residing in each name, BabyName4U will provide you with a comparative analysis of the names you've selected to evaluate the pros and cons of each name. This will give parents the opportunity to reconsider other names if they don't like the results from the name analysis.

Chaldean Ancient Mathematical Formula Developed by Scholars

Known as Priest-Scientists to Decode Baby Names



Prior to birth, BabyName4U can produce a partial blueprint revealing the "core" characteristics tailored to each name and life lessons and then after birth, the child's full blueprint can be generated.


Baby Name Sample Chart, Report & Reference Guide to View  


Below is an example of the charts and reports that BabyName4U offers in addition to developing custom charts tailored to meet the parent's individual needs, and a Baby Reference Guide listing all of the personal characteristics, traits and behavior pattern possibilities (a look-up guide). This guide will help parents to better understand the in-depth meaning of each characteristic.  


Consultations Accompany the Baby Naming Charts and Reports.

Infant - "Baby Naming Charts"  - Partial Blueprint (Prior to Birth)

For Demonstration Purposes Only
Baby Name Analysis Template.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [178.8 KB]

Children - "Reports" - Full Blueprint (After Birth)

Reports are for After Birth and for any age
Jane Sue Doe.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [4.2 MB]

Baby Name Reference Guide for Defining Personal Characteristics

Baby Reference Guide.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [205.5 KB]


A Scientific Approach to

 Naming Your Baby

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