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Baby Name Blueprints for Apollo, Everly, Nori, and Blue Ivy


Many celebrities are well known for giving their infants very unusual and often strange names without ever stopping to consider the effect that name will have on their child. With that being said, we will feature four celebrity couples' choice of baby names for their infants and describe to you what each name actually means and the effect that name will have on each child. Will the intent of the parents' choice of names coincide with what the name calculates to be?  We shall see.  


The story actually begins for each child when the parents "ink" their child's name and birthdate onto a birth certificate, turning the certificate into a blueprint of what their child will experience in this lifetime. We are all born with a blueprint that is no different from an architectural drawing for building a house; therefore, there is a master plan for each child.  


To demonstrate the secrets that lie hidden within each name and birthdate, BabyName4U has generated a blueprint or character analysis for each of the following celebrity babies listed below. A short summary has been provided as a sampling of what type of information can be gleaned from the child's blueprint but does not represent the entire full disclosure of personal information found in a blueprint from birth forward.


These unique blueprints reveal his or her personal characteristics, traits, behavioral patterns, emotional and physical development areas (strengths and weaknesses), opportunities, and life lessons that each child will grow into from "childhood" into "adulthood." At some point in time when these children start to grow up, they will want to exercise their right to free will and choice, a natural migration into adulthood. Their childhood experiences and how they were raised will set the stage for the decisions they will make as young adults. 



Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale  

Baby Boy: Apollo Bowie Flynn Rossdale

BD: February 28, 2014

Baby Name Blueprint Summary

 Apollo's Characteristics and Development Areas


The birth name given to Apollo will reveal, as he gets older that he is extremely intelligent and has a photographic memory. He will be as financially successful as he chooses. A mix of aggressive and nonaggressive characteristics will balance his aggressive nature with a more domestic, nurturing side but he can also be impulsive too. He will be compassionate but will require a significant other early in life and will like structure and order in his life.


His Main Challenge in life from birth-to-death calls for his proper use of freedom without seeking freedom in order to avoid responsibilities or freedom at any price. He will need to discard the old for the new. Though he will resist all confinement, he still needs to build a solid foundation to remain grounded so he does not spin out of control, as he will want his freedom to be progressive and explore outside of the box. Before Apollo can take a leadership role as he is destined to, he will need to become less sensitive and develop his communication skills earlier on--both written and verbal--to become more of a diplomat to speak his truth without avoiding confrontation. Until he develops this area, Apollo will not be able to step into a leadership role unless he can confront on all levels.

Jenna Dewan-Tatum and Channing Tatum

Baby Girl: Everly Tatum

BD: May 31, 2013

Baby Name Blueprint Summary

 Everly's Characteristics and Development Areas


The birth name given to Everly will reveal, as she gets older that she will leave home early to spread her wings to fly, as she will be a freedom lover to say the least. Look out for this little girl as she turns into a beautiful sensual young woman. Not only will she have a caring domestic nature and be compassionate to others but also she will be a loving caregiver to those who surround her. Her Soul Emotional desire that drives her emotions is the most successful combination of characteristics combined; that is she will be aggressive, ambitious, successful and a humanitarian for the purpose of serving mankind in any capacity she chooses. Everly is to step up to take a leadership role and because she was given such blessed characteristics, she will want to be in the limelight, motivating and inspiring others at the highest level ever.


Born talented and social, she will have to speak her truth without avoiding confrontation and be careful she does not take on other people's issues enabling them to fail because she is a caregiver and wants to make things nice for them (over mothering). Everly will not like to confront until she becomes confident and self-assured and is ready to become a leader. Her Main Challenge from birth-to-death is to be the driver (aggressive) and implement her own ideas; however, she has many impulsive characteristics that could influence her to make decisions and spin out of control if she is influenced by the wrong people. This little girl was given a beautiful gift with the name her parents bestowed on her. Everly will choose her significant other and make decisions in life as a result of watching her parents as role models. She will be extremely creative in all areas with a zest for life--the butterfly.  

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Baby Girl: North West

BD: June 15, 2013

Baby Name Blueprint Summary

 Nori's Characteristics and Development Areas


The birth name given to Nori will reveal, as she gets older that she was given the most powerful Destiny ever that combines leadership, ambition and humanitarian characteristics. She came into this lifetime to take a leadership role to become very financially successful while at the same time serving mankind in any area she chooses. This little girl is going to mimic her mother who will greatly influence her decisions. In addition to being wired with powerful and successful characteristics, Nori's personality will be electrical by nature--aggressive yet sensitive--and will enjoy the limelight while motivating and inspiring others.


Nori has lots of very creative and impulsive behavioral patterns so she will have to be extra careful not to spin out of control with her status as a celebrity child. She on the other hand can use her celebrity status to help others less fortunate, if she so chooses. She has no obstacle course to overcome in this lifetime because she is an extremely old soul and this birth completes her assignment on earth. Nori has two karmic lessons, which are to step up and take a leadership role, but mostly, she will have to learn how to balance riches with her spiritual side in order for her to develop the karmic lessons left to complete. Nori will need to work on personal relationships on how she deals with other people's feelings, personalities and behavior patterns on a sensitive level. She will be very sensual and "spirited" and have a flare for creativity, definitely liking the finer things in life. Nori can either become a true humanitarian since she will be in a position to either inspire or will be caught up in the materialistic and glamorous world she was born into.  

Beyance and Jay Z

Baby Girl: Blue Ivy Carter

BD: January 7, 2012

Baby Name Blueprint Summary

 Blue Ivy's Characteristics and Development Areas


The birth name given to Blue Ivy will reveal as she gets older that she will not only take a leadership role but will be a compassionate humanitarian; however before she can assume this role, she will need to learn to express herself, become less sensitive, and be more willing to speak her truth without avoiding confrontation. Her personality is that of a Master Builder who has a tendency to be rigid and liking things her way.  If her feelings get hurt, Blue Ivy is likely to become blunt and dominant firing harsh words back, which is her only defense in dealing with her sensitivity. She will like her environment to be orderly to give her the feeling of being in control of her own destiny.


Blue Ivy has creative characteristics but probably will develop those characteristics over time. She came into this world looking for love and a companion. She will choose a companion based on her upbringing and her parents' relationship, likely choosing someone aggressive. Until Blue Ivy is able to express herself by speaking up, she will be a target of manipulation, due to being submissive and not able to stand her ground to speak her truth. She will want to avoid confrontation on all fronts until she develops her communication skills and confidence. This little girl will be a freedom lover and does not want to be caged, causing conflicts of wanting to play it safe while at the same time, wanting to be more impulsive.


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