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What Every Parent-To-Be Should Know About Baby Naming:

The Hidden Truth and How It Will Affect Your Baby!


Baby naming is a lot more complex than anyone could ever imagine. It's not as simple as "picking" a name and the job is done. In fact, if parents only knew the truth about what actually happens when they "register" and "file" their child's birth certificate--and the effect it will have on their child--they would be shocked, and far more analytical in the name they choose. We at BabyName4U can decipher every aspect of the naming process that applies to your child. Here's how simple and enjoyable it can be for you working with us.


Imagine if a parent walked out of the nursery with their precious newborn along with a unique Baby Owner's Manual revealing their beloved child's road map or instruction manual for his or her journey in this lifetime. Parents could better influence their child if they were handed a blueprint for their child’s journey making raising of their beautiful child so much easier, healthier, and more successful.


And growing up could be plotted with remarkable accuracy, a sort of GPS for both parent and child. Refinement of principles and the child's innate spirit is lovingly addressed rather than demanded. The element of deep understanding is better applied, providing dignity and breadth to the raising of this child into a healthy, intelligent, confident, and loving being.




Spirituality, Technology and Intelligence


Soon a beautiful baby girl or boy will be gazing into your eyes, forming a bond of love that transcends our beings. Young parents like you feel a new spirit of potential within what already is an amazing moment of childbirth. 


It's the natural convergence of the explosive growth in spirituality, technology, and intelligence you grew up in to feel this. Your children will be healthier, smarter, more fit and more compassionate if nurtured in a positive environment. Your intuition tells you that you bring into this world the souls, minds, and hearts that will surpass parents in every way--in wisdom, peace, art, sports, science--and living a philosophy that reflects this as they unravel the questions of humanity. What is the ultimate truth? Where did we come from? What interconnects this miraculous universe of energy, souls, and precious bodies we live in?  And the first key you offer them--the key that opens levels of potential that BabyName4U has rediscovered after decades of research are majestically designed into a name--is the name that you choose for them.   


It must be by some grand design that the secrets of the ancient  powers locked within the names you give your children can now be presented to you in an easy-to-understand manner, by experts here at BabyName4U.


Young Parents Today  


You as young parents apply all the resources available in prenatal and newborn care. This comes from both cutting edge technology, science and wisdom from parents through centuries. You stop drinking alcohol during pregnancy, play classical music at home, move into better school districts, change your diet, buy a 4-door car, baby-proof your home, and hundreds of other decisions you make to increase the health, lifestyle, mental and spiritual advantages for your child. Now is the time to apply the science of naming your child to the most essential stages of parental decisions.


If the truth were known about the baby naming process, parents would want to evaluate the names they selected from a scientific perspective first, then use that information as a basis for your emotional and personal reasons to choose a name.  You really are not restricting your choices at all, you are in fact combining common sense with personal desires, but making sure it offers what is best for your child (much like balancing a diet based on a foundation of nutrition, positive healthy environment, and family genetics and history.) By first avoiding ineffective choices and focusing on the multitude of best names to chose from based on our research, you’re giving your child an advantage that will pay off in his or her lifetime. 



A Secret Baby Name Owner's Manual/Blueprint Comes With Every Newborn  


The BabyName4U Owner's Manual/Blueprint spells out the care and operation for a child on a big-screen level, unlike any other baby-naming system in the world, to educate parents on how the naming process actually works mathematically, intellectually and spiritually. You may want to reference Scholar Gregg Braden's book, "The God Code: The Secret of Our Past, the Promise of Our Future" to confirm such a secret code does exist that lies hidden within each name given at birth.


With that said, here's what parents need to know. A single name evaluated as a standalone name does not have any value until the full name (first, middle and last name or first and last name) is "inked" onto a birth certificate. One name alone does not carry the full weight of all of the names combined, so it's not logical then that a standalone name would have any merit at all.  


Take the name "Suri." Suri means 'Princess' in Hebrew, 'Red Rose' in Farsi and 'Pick Pocket' in Japanese--so what does that name actually mean? It means whatever that name means in that culture; however, as a single standalone name, it has no relevancy. Choosing a baby name based on this method in no way reflects that meaning onto your child--yet parents do not know this because they continue to use traditional methods for selecting baby names without knowing the underlying ramifications that each name carries.



Ancient Philosophy Surrounding Baby Names Using a Scientific Approach  


Ethnic cultures use alternative methodologies such as astrology and numerology for picking baby names. Elders know that sound frequencies stem from letters that form unique vibrational patterns that make up the name. It's amazing that other cultures are so far more advanced in their thinking about the importance of baby naming and the degree to which they will go in selecting a name that will bring their child success. 


Chaldean Alphabet Formula Based on Sound and Phonics


The ancient scholars, best known as priest-scientists, developed a tool to predict the future and to understand their people based on a mathematical formula. The Chaldees in the Babylonian Dynasty were credited with having introduced mathematics to the world (4004 BCE) so we know that their formula was not only accurate but also proven. They used a system of numbers (Chaldean Numerology) that decodes, deciphers and extracts the secret code that resides within each name. By combining an ancient system of numbers, mathematics, and computer technology, BabyName4U is able to determine a child's birthright.

Chaldean Ancient Mathematical Formula Developed by Scholars

Known as Priest-Scientists to Decode Baby Names



Scientific Approach to Evaluating Baby Names


Through this scientific approach to evaluating baby names that's only offered through BabyName4U, parents can now understand what their name choices reveal prior to legalizing their child's name that gives you a big advantage. It’s like knowing your son will be a star athlete, or your daughter would become a Supreme Court Judge, and designing their lifestyle and learning to support this. Of course they will be ahead of the competition, but they also will feel a great harmony with the future that they are naturally drawn to live. The angst, indecision, lack of interest, and other distractions and obstacles that most young people face will be replaced with freedom to play with the gifts bestowed upon them in the name you chose with the help of BabyName4U. It truly is this important and effective!


Once you start on the process with us, you’ll feel the value keep rising up as a sort of assurance you’re on the right track. We’re constantly hearing that, “Wow, this is amazing,” moment from parents once they connect with our research.  To give you an easy to relate to and trendy reference point--do you remember that scene in The Matrix when Neo (great name perfectly chosen as if using our data) is told by Morpheus why he’s so drawn to let his mind accept the incredible truth?  Paraphrasing, he says,


“All your life you’ve felt there is something more, you feel it, some essential piece to the mystery, a method to learn and use to solve your role in The Matrix.” Parents all the way back to Egyptian Pyramid times were counseled by experts in the power of the name you give your child, based on phonetic and spiritual rules, and like many things that didn’t fit with “Western” medicine, it was ignored. Now, like your choice to use natural wellness resources that simply feel to a mother or father like it’s “right” or “the truth,” you will be able to use our process to choose a name that you will come to realize felt right in a mysterious yet tangible way.



A Scientific Approach to

 Naming Your Baby

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